Notice to our Customers

Our patent pending Latchwear opening contains small magnets which may be a potential choking hazard if swallowed. Please inspect your garments after each wash and before each wear to ensure that all seams are properly intact. Please refer to included wash instructions to uphold the condition of your Cassie & Britt clothing.

Some of Cassie & Britt’s clothing items contain a patented magnetic closure. These closures use neodymium magnet sets. These magnets can affect pacemakers. The strong magnetic fields near a neodymium magnet can affect pacemakers, ICDs and other implanted medical devices. Many of these devices are made with a feature that deactivates it with a magnetic field. Therefore, care must be taken to avoid inadvertently deactivating such devices. If you are unsure if your implanted medical device (or that of a loved one) will be affected by the magnets, please consult your doctor before use.